REVIEW: Who’s Driving? Bears Driving! – The Company I Was Looking For

April 30, 2013


REVIEW: Who’s Driving? Bears Driving! – The Company I Was Looking For

Written by Andrew Dawson

No matter how old you get and how much your musical taste-buds develop over the years, there will always be a soft spot for the genre you grew up on. The Essex sextet, Who’s Driving? Bear’s Driving are bringing pop punk back, and with their latest offering ‘The Company I Was Looking For…’ they’re doing it in style.


From the onset we’re hooked and acknowledge that sitting outside in the garden was the best place to press the play button. The opening track ‘Low Battery’ is a lively tale of life on the road. It’s a pop punk song with a sing-a-long chorus, fueled by pure energy and synthesizers with a vibe not dissimilar to Motion City Soundtrack from days gone by.  Next is the brilliantly titled ‘We’re Not Archaeologists (Stop Digging Things Up)’, the pace set by the preceding track continues and again we’re treated to a monster chorus. The prize track from this record is ‘Sunny When We Sleep’. Prompting memories of late 90’s and early 00’s  pop punk from the likes of New Found Glory and Houston Calls, but it’s more than just nostalgia that has you tapping your feet. It’s polished and bulky and there’s something brilliantly English about it, it feels fresh.


‘Sam And Large’ is packed full of melody and thundering drums and it’s this track where we find the EP’s title in the lines, ‘Well don’t you dare say this means more, you’re just the company I was looking for’. It has a dramatic ending and the layered vocals have you ‘Whoa-ing’ along before the band loosen their grip to play us out to the sobering closing track, ‘Comfort In Closure’, a simple melodic acoustic ballad.

This E.P runs for a little over fifteen minutes and that’s it’s only downfall. There’s simply not enough of it. But I challenge even the more ‘hardcore’ inclined to take this record down to the bottom of your garden – if it doesn’t make you smile, you’re probably not very well.

Written by: Andrew Dawson

For Fans of: New Found Glory, Houston Calls, Motion City Soundtrack



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