REVIEW: All Eyes West/Above Them Split E.P.

May 1, 2013


REVIEW: All Eyes West/Above Them Split E.P.


By Adam Garrod

Apart from 4 drumstick clicks and a small intro, this split does not waste any time in getting into the swing of things, so we won’t either.

Above Them / All Eyes West
Above Them / All Eyes West

It isn’t really practical to decide within the first few seconds of a song if you like it or not, but I’m willing to be that you’ll be able to do it here.All Eyes West have that gravely vocal that a lot of bands go for now, which gives it a bit of umph.

Their track on the split,‘Miss Medicine’, seems to have it all in the first 30 seconds alone – a quick intro with unusual, marching style drums rather than the standard build up that is heard all too often, an anthemic chorus that made me want to jump up and start trashing my kitchen followed by a great drop down to just bass and vocals that fits perfectly.

If there is any criticism to be made at all, it would have to be the middle 8. Possibly guilty of thousands of bands before them, maybe this was added to make up some time, or for the sake of adding it, but it sounds as if it could belong to another song altogether, giving the feeling that it is pulling away from the feel of the rest of the track. However, straight after a similar build up to the start has come in and we’re back to the punchy punk track that we started listening too at the beginning. Good stuff, and with a few carefully considered tweaks, soon to be great stuff.

The second track on the split comes from Yorkshire’s ‘Above Them’. One guitar chord and we are straight into it, the vocals come in almost straight away reminiscent of Dave Hause / The Loved Ones etc, which is never a bad thing.The song is about friends, apologizing for behavior and talking about ‘the spirit of a new beginning’. It makes you want to grab a beer in one hand, mates in the other, raise your head to the sky and belt the song out with them!

The way Above Them have mastered going from palm muted guitar, to full on choruses, to build ups with clean guitars, solo’s and instrumentals to everything else in-between but still make a song sound like a song rather than just parts of one is very impressive, something that has clearly been worked on for years and showing the chemistry between the band members.This track sounds as if it may have been a B-side to one of their albums, it sounds like it has been recorded somewhere different and just lacks a little bit of quality in the mix compared to their other tracks, but that’s just being picky.

Above Them sing that they want us to ‘Forget about last year’. This is a little out of context from what the song means, but we all know we won’t be able to forget last year – the previous releases are too good.  But, however, a hint of what is to come in the future has been shown, and I think I can speak to us all when I say that we can look forward to great things to come from both bands.


For fans of: Dave Hause, The Loved Ones, Apologies, I Have None,




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