REVIEW: Lower Lands – Socialize with Closed Eyes

May 1, 2013


REVIEW: Lower Lands – Socialize with Closed Eyes

To all you nay sayers who frequent terms such as ‘these days pop punk all sounds the same’, I bring you Lower Lands. A four piece outfit from Lincoln, this group have already had an impressive career so far, sharing stages with the likes of Deaf Havana and Crazy Arm, and mainstream coverage from Kerrang and Front Magazine to name but a few.

Photo by Steven Haddock Photography
Photo by Steven Haddock Photography

And here it is, Socialize With Closed Eyes. A brand new two track release (accompanied by a quirky music video) to follow up from their critically acclaimed release Growing Pains, released earlier this year.

The EP opens with Conversation 2.0, a relentlessly fast paced social review on how we live our lives in the cloud. Some very solid drumming from Mr Sam Girling here, keeping the track solidly on its genre however its the harmony of this song from Paul Howells and Jacob Jarvis that defines this as a Lower Lands track. Nicely diverse but highly melodical, complementing the melody throughout and keeping us interested. A shiny little guitar melody in the chorus fills out the texture, picking us up from being down about just how pertinent the lyric of this song is. It’s true what they say of this band, they have a songwriting prowess far beyond their years and you only have to pay attention to vocalist and guitarist Benji Inkley’s snarling rhetoric to confirm this. Are we thoroughly dominated by a digital social life where nothing is private or safe? For a song to make you think AND jump around in your seat on the bus like you have a bee in your back pocket is no small feat.

The second song Socialize With Closed Eyes has this same type of metaphoric quality in the vocal, however it seems more of a personal account adapted to be more of a shared experience, which needs more listening to grasp. Nevertheless its bounciness again is rather infectious, harking back to a more alt. rock influence. The bass guitar really fills the sound out with its overdriven tone, and gives it a Weezer-esque feel that persistently uplifts the mood of the track. For me this song seems more of a pop punk standard than the previous, with some quite predictable movements and guitar melodies, however this is still a Lower Lands track, and the vocal performance commendably brings their stamp on the genre

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this release, as soon as I switched on Conversation 2.0 I was captivated and became a fan, and I hope this does the same for others. Mark my words this will be a band to watch in 2013.

Written by: Josh Locke

For fans of: Twin Atlantic, NFG, Blakfish, old school Slappy Hour/ Dookie Green Day


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