NEWS: LMC – Lincolnshire Battle of the Bands 2013

June 22, 2013


NEWS: LMC – Lincolnshire Battle of the Bands 2013

Lincolnshire Music Collective is teaming up with Crash Doubt & Playing Aloud for this years Lincolnshire Battle of the Bands!

LMC is offering Lincolnshire bands a chance to win a complete band make over package that will offer local bands a “leg up” into the music industry.

Besides the opportunity to showcase your talents to media representatives, promoters and new fans, competing bands will be interviewed, photographed and treated like rock royalty every step of the way, as well as earning a few bob each round. We know how expensive playing in a band can get so the band that rise above the rest will be treated to a tailor made package of goodies to help them on their way to stardom.

You have until 15th July 2013 to submit your band before heats take place in August 2013 in various venues around Lincoln.

*****THE PRIZES*****

– A weekend of studio time with Engineers at Playing Aloud

– 10 hours of free rehearsal time at Playing Aloud to make sure you’re well oiled for your recording sessions.

– An all-expenses paid day with a top industry photographer

– 25x Customized t-shirts for you to sell to your adoring fans

– A One Year Contract with Crash Doubt’s own PR Group

– A prime slot at Crash Doubt Festival 3

As well as cash from the tickets you sell to friends, family and fans of each heat that your band participates in!


Email us at with the following details:

– Your Band Name
– Genre
– Location
– Contact name:
– Telephone number
– email address:

Registration deadline: 15th July 2013

in order to apply you must be:

– An unsigned band
– From Lincolnshire
– Play a 20-30 minute set.
– Playing your own original material, no cover bands please!

You have until 15th July 2013 to submit your band to the competition. We will then contact all bands to give them information of the heat they have randomly been selected to participate in.

Events will be held in various venues around Lincoln from August 2013. We have a selection of anonymous judges that will give constructive criticism and score your band on a number of categories based on your performance. Highest scoring Bands will then advance to the next heat.

Your band will be given a certain amount of tickets for your heat to sell to their friends, fans and family. Your band will receive money from those ticket sales.

So happy submitting and good luck!

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