REVIEW: Broken Window Effect – S/T EP

June 19, 2013


REVIEW: Broken Window Effect – S/T EP

How many words is one expected to write about a 2 track EP? Is there enough time to get across everything that needs to be said, or should I go on forever and bore you all to tears? I could pass a few words with a brief history of the band, their location, their members ‘other’ bands, (cos there is always other bands these days!), or even how this band are so DIY it wouldn’t surprise me if they had ghost written this review!


But, we’ll skip all that and jump to the music these dudes offer us. I must say, I’m rather upset by the fact I let this band slip me by for as long as I have.. I have seen the name around the internet, I may have even seen them live at some show or other, I had my own preconceptions of how they sounded, I was wrong. Very!

I was expecting the rough and gruff style of the scene’s leaders, I was waiting for lyrics about sailing and whisky, I had the image of flannel, beards and tats. Well, to be fair, the last bit is all present and correct, but the thing that surprised me most was how these guys come across more like the Waxwings of the world, the Knapsacks, you know, mid to late 90s emo/post-hardcore bands, proper bands. But they do this without really knowing it, its just how the songs sound, If that makes any sense? I think its the vocals, on this EP they are wonderful, they pull you in from the start, they make you listen, the dude sounds sincere!

But this bands sound is far from some throwback, the 2nd track brings to mind the youthful punk rock of Australias The Smith Street Band, its a joyfully sombre 3 minutes of heart-on-sleeve punk rock, and its damn near addictive. It builds into an intoxicating climax, 2 tracks is just not enough. Broken Window Effect need to knuckle down and make a full-length, they need to expand on these 2 tracks, if they carry on in this song-writing frame of mind they will deliver something truly special. And I can’t wait until they do.

You can pick up Broken Window Effect’s EP for free download here.

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