REVIEW: Skate Punk for South Bank

July 30, 2013


REVIEW: Skate Punk for South Bank

Written by Andrew Dawson

For over forty years the undercroft of London’s famous Southbank Centre has been a hub of creativity, arts and most importantly skateboarding. In 2013 it risks being lost to make way for a host of new shops and cafes…or does it?


 In an attempt to save what is arguably the most iconic skate park in the world, comes this gigantic 22-track compilation CD entitled ‘Skate Punk For South Bank’. Interestingly there’s only a dollop of actual skate-punk on the CD which includes bands such as Giants, Great Cynics, Gnarwolves and Neck Deep.  It even gained support from Frank Turner who recorded a cover exclusively from his living room.  It’s a collection of energetic, fist pumping anthems and is causing quite a stir with almost 30,000 people signed up to the ‘Long Live South Bank’ petition.

You can download your copy for free by clicking here and the premise is simple; you show your support  and they make you a member of the ‘LLSB’ campaign, In return you get 22 must-have bangers in your lug holes and hopefully this famous skating landmark remains. London has enough retail outlets anyway, right?

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