BOSS DJ #2: Rivalries

August 30, 2013


BOSS DJ #2: Rivalries

Last week we began our weekly BOSS DJ picks, where we ask our favourite UK bands to pick five of their favourite songs. This week we have London punk quartet, Rivalries. Rivalries are part of a fresh crop of UK melodic punk bands and are part of the mighty Household name roster. You can pick up their EP Out of Town and Back Again by clicking here.
So, Lets kick things off with a song that reminds you of being on the road…

Rivalries: This track reminds us of an epic drive up to Norwich for a house show. It was an awesome day and one of our favourite shows so far. 
A song that reminds you of home?

R: This song is an absolute banger and makes us think of some of the ups and downs of growing up. 


A track from a new band  you’re excited about?

 R: We are big fans of DOE. This song is a tour de force. They are brilliant live and are thoroughly lovely people.

Your favourite song to play – cover or original?


R: This is one of our favourite songs to play and we love it even more after we shot this music video for it. We turned Vince’s house into a giant blanket fort and hung out in it for the day in Pyjamas getting drunk with our friends, sliding down stairs and having pillow fights.

How about a song from a artist or band, now defunct, who you wish were still together?

R: How can you answer anything other than “The Clash” to this? 

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