Spotkick Murphys – Footballers in great music taste shocker!

August 19, 2013


Spotkick Murphys – Footballers in great music taste shocker!

Most modern day footballers are for whatever reason drawn to irredeemably awful music. If you ever caught one of those squad interviews in a premier league match build up then you’ll know that the majority of players confess to having very little interest in music outside of the charts, the few that do delve outside of the realms of the top-40 tend to rock about as hard as a soggy teabag (see this video below for evidence.)

It’s not all bad news though, in true punk-rock fashion there are a few players below who regularly wind up their dub-step loving team mates with the occasional bit of pre-match NOFX…


Out of all the positions on the field, the men between the sticks seem to have the best taste in tunes. Tim Howard, David De Gea, Kasey Keller and Marcus Hahnemann all claim to be partial to a bit of heavy rock.


Volker with his crusty mullet
Volker with his crusty mullet


Everyone knows about St.Pauli and their Jolly Rodger flag, they are a colourful German football team with fans who vehemently reject the big-money spending culture of the German Bundesliga. Their fans are heavily involved in left-leaning anti-fascist politic. Players are known to be deeply passionate about the Hamburg club and maverick keeper Ippig went to some extreme lengths to fully immerse himself as part of St.Pauli. Not content with growing the punkest of mullets, he involved himself in various community activities in and around Hamburg and even spent some time lodging with fellow crustys in a Hafenstrasse squat.







We’re not sure how this one came about but here’s a photo of ex-Man United and toffee’s legend Tim Howard backstage in Manchester with Lars and Branden of US punk legends, Rancid.















The young Spaniard doesn’t make many friends in the dressing room with his choice in music according to the Man Utd website where he said: “I like metal and rock bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica. When I put it on in the dressing room, everyone moans!”

Unholy Concessions














Live Fast. Die. TB.
Live Fast. Die. TB.


He’s hard as nails and he looks a bit like GG Allin in this photo from a 1989 World Cup qualifier against Sweden. Butch went up for a header and clonked the back of a Swedish noggin. The physio told Terry he needed stitches but opted for a bandage and played through the pain barrier for the rest of the game. All that blood and guts has obviously rubbed off on his CD collection, which is reported to be largely made up of Iron Maiden records. He once said in an interview with Classic Rock Magazine that “(Iron Maiden) were responsible for some of the best music of the last two decades. You have to wonder where we’d all be without them.” It’s a proven fact that football players loose IQ points every time they head a football…




St. Pauli

Another former St.Pauli player, Eger most recently played for Brentford Town. In a lengthy interview with Regista he claimed to be a reformed punk fan: “I used to listen to US Punk like NOFX, that kind of thing.” but now he prefers to listen to Indie rock like the Black Keys. Sheesh.








Legend has it Pyscho’s pre-match ritual involved pogoing around the changing room to ‘White Riot’ by The Clash.


Affectionately known as ‘Psycho’ in his playing days, Stuart Pearce was renowned as a tough tackling ‘no-nonsense’ defender who’s bulging eyes and pointed finger would put the shivers up the hardiest of target-men. Pearce is punk rock through and through, his favourite album is reputedly Stiff Little Fingers’ Inflammable Material and he’s also a massive Clash fan. He even appears in the liner notes for their singles collections where he writes:

“Back then I didn’t want to hear any slow songs or any ballads; I just wanted something fast and loud that I could sing along to and jump up and down on the bed with a baseball bat like a complete idiot.”











We always had an inkling that Puyol might be into metal. He wouldn’t be out of place in Cannibal Corpse or Napalm Death, who coincidental are two of the Barcelona defenders favourite bands.

Puyol’s childhood football coach advised him to cut his hair to be taken seriously. Fifteen years later…


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