BOSS DJ #3: Muncie Girls

September 4, 2013


BOSS DJ #3: Muncie Girls


We’re on our third BOSS DJ spot! Today’s picks come from Exeter’s Muncie Girls. Their new record Sleepless is out now via Specialist Subject and Yo-Yo records. You can check it out here.








So, Lets kick things off with a song that reminds you of being on the road…

 Muncie Girls: We always play one album over and over until we kill it when we’re on tour. Recently we’ve been over-playing Constant Headache by Joyce Manor.


A song that reminds you of being home?

MG: Train In Vain by the Clash reminds us of home because it’s always being DJ’ed at The Cavern!


A song from a new band your’re excited about?

MG: This one is obvious. Waster by Great Cynics.


A song from a band you wish we’re still together?

MG: My personal favourite band ever is Sleater-Kinney. I wish they were still together so I could watch them play Modern Girl live.


What’s your favourite song to play live?

MG:  Probably the funnest song that we play is Sleepless from our new record. Check it out!

Thanks Muncie Girls!

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