September 15, 2013




studentDear Fresher,

If you are reading this then congratulations on choosing (did you have any other options?) err okay then, on guaranteeing yourself a place at one of Lincoln’s illustrious Universities. Yeah, it’s not Manchester, London or Leeds but believe it or not Lincoln has a few musical gems concealed and waiting for you to discover. We’ve put together a varied list that should introduce you to some of the musical highlights of our city. We won’t bore you with the old days of Lincoln’s Bivouac club, with its netted ceiling, where the likes of The Killers, The Kaiser Chiefs and Biffy Clyro all honed their craft on the way to stardom or the numerous homegrown talent long gone. Instead we have a list of some of the most exciting new bands for you to check out.

The Alter-Egos 227649_514272758607231_827035558_n

It beggars belief how a Ska-band could be formed amidst all the seasonal gloom, poundshops and run-down arcades that is Skegness, about a half hours drive from Lincoln, but these chirpy chappies wear their roots as a badge of honour and play some five-star ska-punk. You can check them out supporting The Skints on 31st October (more details here.)

For fans of: The Specials, Rancid, The Skints.




We put Archetype on supporting Demoralizer last month and they were insane. In a scene that takes a lot to stand out, Archetype offer up refreshingly charismatic metal that will leave some of their counterparts with a nasty lump in their throats.

For Fans of: The Elijah, Life Ruiner


Bad Ideas


Bad Ideas members all hold roots in Lincoln but spread as far wide as Norwich and Leeds. They’ve toured non-stop the past two years and their latest album “Compromise” is set to be re-released via Gunner Records (Home to The Gaslight Anthem, Red City Radio & Frank Turner) next month. Fellow Gunner Records band Arliss Nancy (USA) are playing this Saturday at The Scene. Click here for more details.

For Fans of: Frank Turner, Jimmy Eat World, Hot Water Music.


The Departed


The Departed first hit Lincoln several years back, we can remember a very hairy, very angry, half naked giant stomping around the room and looking like he was gonna bust a blood vessel. Since then they’ve gone on to play shows with the likes of Strung Out, Madball and H20.  You can check out their new album “Steal the Crown” here, featuring a new vocalist who although considerably less hairy is just as awesome.

For Fans of: Comeback Kid, Terror, Cancer Bats.


Dynamite Dynamite


If you caught channel four’s horrible documentary last month of the former steel works town of Scunthorpe, you might have the impression that ‘Scunny’ is a lot worse than it actually is. Here’s some reasons why.


Good Mourning


Another Grimsby band here, this one’s hot off the press.  These lads draw all the melancholy out of Grimsby (and there’s plenty to be had) and channel it into some lovely Alkaline Trio influenced jams for fans of Title Fight. Check ’em out. Rad d00d.

For Fans of: Alkaline Trio, Defeater, Title Fight.


The Living Daylights


Crash Doubts own – The Living Daylights are one of the more successful of bands to have come out of Lincoln in recent years. Known for playing impassioned melodic punk, full of harmonies and enforced by their hardworking attitudes, daylights are a local favourite. They don’t play many shows anymore but when they do, you’ll see everyone in the room singing along fiercely. Check TLD out in action here.

For Fans of: The Story So Far, Hot Water Music, Rise Against.

Lower Lands


Another Lincoln favourite these guys have a new EP out called Canvas and literally every music magazine in the UK is telling you that you should give it a listen. We’re sure they deserve the praise, see what you think here.


Martyr Defiled


Another band to do well recently are Martyr Defiled. Journalists like to throw around words like “punishing” and “crushing” both of which are perfectly apt to describe these guys. Regular’s at Ghostfest they rarely play Lincoln so make sure you keep an eye on their Facebook for any upcoming local shows.

For Fans of: Last Witness, Desolated.


Tiger Warsaw


Tiger Warsaw don’t need much hyping, have a listen to this record to chill or to freak out. They go from shoe gazing introverted to whaling and insane. It’s ambient rock with tons of peaks and troughs that will make you grow a beard. Guitarist Dean also puts on a few shows here and there, the best way to find out when deans shows and a host of gigs by other promoters are happening is to come along to a show, make some friends and get involved.

– Crash Doubt

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