October 9, 2013



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If you don’t know the Flatliners, then let us introduce you. They are an incredible Canadian four-piece that have been touring since they were 19 years old. They left school and hit the road. Raised on a diet of Fat Wreck punk they must of thought they’d won the lottery when they got the call from Fat Mike to say he’d put out one of their records. Their new album Dead Language is great and if you like rock music of pretty much any description then you’re sure to find something to enjoy. We spoke to vocalist Chris Cresswell for BOSS DJ #5. 

So, let’s get started with a song that reminds you of home?

The opening track to Polar Bear Club’s ‘Clash Battle Guilt Pride’ is the perfect build-song. “Pawner” really reminds me a lot of home, and far more so reminds me of my girlfriend. We’ve spent hours and hours listening to music together, showing each other the bands we love and are excited about. Luckily we agree on most music, but one of the first bands we could agree on was Polar Bear Club, and there was something about that song in particular that we both felt was very special. We probably spent the entire winter listening to that album, and that song is just such a powerful introduction to a record.

A song that reminds you of your last tour?

Almost every single day of our European tour in August, I would listen to the opening track to Northcote’s new self-titled album – a song called “How Can You Turn Around” – on repeat. It grips you instantly and paints a beautiful picture of the modern day scramble we all know too well. There’s a very unique dynamic to Northcote’s music and style that truly deserves everyone’s attention. The perfect song for driving through some incredible European landscapes – that’s for damn sure.

A song from a new band you’re excited about?

They’re not exactly a brand new band, but in the recent months I have become increasingly keen on Apologies, I Have None from London. Their song “Long Gone” off their most recent album ‘London’ is just fucking perfect. It’s simple and truly effective. The song is so catchy you’ll hear the first half and have it in your heads for weeks. From what I can gather, the song is basically about pulling up roots and taking off. Something I can relate to wholeheartedly after living my life in a touring band for the last 11 years and writing lots of songs about that myself.

A song from a band you wish we’re still together?

Our friends band The Snips (from Canada) just called it quits a couple weeks ago, and we’re all gutted on the news. We played their final show just recently, and the mixture of alcohol and the state of affairs at hand caused me to drunkenly sob in the crowd while singing along to every word. Check out by “Blood Maps” by The Snips (which can be found on their last album ‘Highs of Low’). I promise you will not be disappointed.

And finally your favourite song to play live?

I think my new favourite song to play live is quickly becoming “Bury Me” off of our new album ‘Dead Language’. Something about the constant rhythm and pace of the song stands out in my blood, and the excitement only grows every second. It feels good to finally sing this song live too, since we wrote it so long ago too. The subject matter of the song deals with moving forward with your own life when someone pulls the rug out from underneath your feet. It feels good to sing that song now, knowing that I have very much moved forward in my life and couldn’t be happier.


Thanks Chris!

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