The Dangerous Summer w/ Verses @ O2 Academy 2, Newcastle upon Tyne (28/09/2013)

October 10, 2013


The Dangerous Summer w/ Verses @ O2 Academy 2, Newcastle upon Tyne (28/09/2013)

Written by Andrew Dawson

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It’s that time of year again, the nights are drawing in, the festival season is a distant memory, you’ve reluctantly put your shorts back in the wardrobe and you’re probably thinking about dusting off that trusty winter jacket.

It’s not all bad news though, the Autumn/Winter music season is fast approaching and like bars and clubs across the land, O2 Academy Newcastle opened its doors to showcase a night of melodic punk rock in the form of Ellicott City, Maryland’s The Dangerous Summer.

It’s difficult to put into words just how good this band is. Their first studio album Reach For The Sun is one of the most honest and mature debut records of recent years and on a personal level, it sits unthreatened at the top of my top ten modern albums list (I’ll show you that list another time). Their latest offering, Golden Record (as expected) smacks you right on the nose from the first listen so this show had been eagerly anticipated by the people of Tyneside, well…those in the know anyway.



In the small room at the top of ‘the Academy’ a decent crowd had already began to form for Brighton based Verses. Admittedly, I wasn’t too familiar with them before the show but they’ve clearly been crafting their trade for quite some time. It was a tight set, energetic and committed. Guitarist/Front man Jason Denzelman belted out every note with ease, from a set list made up entirely of anthemic choruses – most notably – ‘Who We Are’ and ‘Same White Light’. Their debut 6-track mini album ‘Come To Life’ is out now and is a must have for fans of Thrice and Jimmy Eat World.

The Dangerous Summer

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A sample taken from the opening track ‘Catholic Girls’ silences the room and the band get straight to it with barely a pause for air before increasing the tempo and lightening the mood by tearing into ‘Where I Want To Be’.

The set was pretty much all business no pleasure, with very little chat to the audience until Lead singer and bassist AJ Perdomo asks the crowd to help out and informs the room that he is feeling ‘under the British weather’. That said, he delivers his trademark rasping tone into each and every song.

Perdomo is a talented frontman, effortlessly shifting between intensity and calm through tracks such as ‘Honesty’ and ‘Miles Apart’. The evening moves on at quite a pace and the set list has been put together in a way that offers a sizeable selection of tracks from all three albums whilst keeping the audience on their toes. There’s no doubt about the talent of this band, they’ve been on the scene since 2006 in one form or another with one or two changes to the lineup over the last six years. Drummer Ben Cato stands out in ‘Honesty’, if you haven’t heard this song then do; and pay extra attention to the drums.

Most memorable tracks include ‘Settle Down’, ‘Surfaced’ and ‘Miles Apart’ and the set comes to a close with ‘Never Feel Alone’ and ‘Northern Lights’  where Perdomo once again delivers maturity and honesty in the lyrics, ‘You’re not here, And I’m not there. I’m not afraid to watch you change me. I’m not afraid to watch you change me anymore.’ And we hang on every word.

It’s a sombre way for the night to end, but it works. The Dangerous Summer show that they can deliver on stage just as they do in the studio. This is a band worth keeping one eye on at all times. We don’t know when or even, if they’ll be back so if you missed them this time be sure not to make the same mistake again!



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