Archetype set to support Heights at The Engine Shed, Lincoln this Friday

November 26, 2013


Archetype set to support Heights at The Engine Shed, Lincoln this Friday

Post-hardcore heavyweights Heights will headline Crash Doubt’s new pop-punk and Hardcore club night at The Engine Shed this Friday (29th Nov) with our DJ’s spinning the heaviest tunes till 2pm. We have a three great support bands opening for them and we’ll be profiling each one this week as we build up to the event. Tickets can be picked up here.


Crash Doubt: You guys recently toured round Europe – what we’re some of the highlights?

Archetype: The last few tours have been with a band from the Czech Republic called “Momma Knows Best.” They play an awesome show every night and honestly are one of the best performing bands we have ever met. They are all down to earth lads and we’ve become really close. Their guitarist is currently filming our new video!

CD: Being cooped up in a van for hours on end can be super boring, what do you guys do to keep morale up?

A: We definitely experience cabin fever from time to time so when it gets rough we like to visit the local water-parks. It’s usually some sketchy outdoor death trap but this one time we stumbled across a tropical indoor paradise with its own eco system and free roaming animals… That sorted us out for at least a few days!


CD: You have a heavy sound but, for those that haven’t heard you before, you have a wide variety of styles in your music, where does this come from and what are some of your influences?

A: Our influences’ come from everything that interests us in bands and music. We try to take what we love about metal music and put our own spin on it.

CD: Tell us a little about Beacon…

A: We were really unhappy with our first E.P; it was rushed and wasn’t how we wanted Archetype to sound at all. So when it came to Beacon we took our time (Nearly 2 years) and made some changes. After writing 40+ songs, we started getting a sound we were genuinely happy with. Beacon is definitely a much more honest representation of Archetype and the direction we want to take things in the future. We hope our fans can hear that we’ve been working hard!

CD: A lot of bands have a long-term vision and want to do music as a career, do you fit in that category or do you all have ambitions and goals outside of playing metal to angry teenagers?

A: Even if Archetype were as successful as we hoped it to be, we know that we would never make a viable living from the band. We love what we do and just being able to experience new cities and cultures is enough for us!

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