For All The Wrong Reasons made it through to the next round of Lincolnshire Battle of the Bands 2013

November 19, 2013


For All The Wrong Reasons made it through to the next round of Lincolnshire Battle of the Bands 2013

Crash Doubt is proud to partnering up with Lincoln Music Collective to sponsor this year’s Lincolnshire Battle of the Bands. The heats, which take place at The Scene, Lincoln see three to five bands compete for the top prize which includes a 12-month PR contract and an opening slot at Crash Doubt Fest 3.

As we move into the second round of heats we took some time to chat to a few of the bands talented enough to have won their heats…



Crash Doubt: Tell us a little bit about yourselves, how did you form?

FATWR: We’re a five piece pop-punk band based in Lincoln and Newark. Our influences stem from a variety of punk and hardcore routes, and so we try to blend together what we feel are the strongest elements of these genres. The band was initially formed by Jake Pointing  and Chris Dunn  to blow off stress and steam from everyday grinds, and quickly took on board Lou Coe, Aiden De Ruiter and, finally, Alexander Statham as we found our direction. Musically we aim to realise the importance of a healthy balance of optimism and pessimism, whilst lyrically maintaining complete honesty and sincerity.

CD: How did your battle of the bands heat go?

We went into the heat a member down, against two awesome acts (Occoeur and Clear Red Water) and so we had to bring our A game. Fortunately, we were chosen to go through to the quarter-finals, and we’re really looking forwards to playing our best for you guys. Every time we play we aim to play our best ever show up to that date, so be ready to expect more sweat and pulled muscles than ever before!

CD: How has 2013 been for you? What are you looking forward to in the next 12 months?

FATWR: It’s been a hectic year for us. Since we formed around January/February time this year, we are relatively new on the scene, however we have already experienced so much. During April we spent a week recording at Regal House Studios (owned by The First’s Rob Knight) where Deaf Havana, While She Sleeps, Paige and Young Guns have recorded to name a few. The result was our début EP “We’re Not Losing, We’re Just Not Winning” (available on digitally iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and physically via our Big Cartel). We’ve also been played on Kerrang! Radio by Alex Bakerman and had a real positive review in Rock Sound.

In the next 12 months we plan to record some newer tracks, which we feel grow a lot from our first record and we really look forward to you guys hearing our now much more distinct sound. In terms of shows we are playing anything and everything, with everything in us, trying to get on bigger shows and play towns and cities where we have never played before. Thanks to you guys at Crash Doubt we have the absolute pleasure of opening for Gnarwolves and Nai Harvest on their upcoming December tour, and these are the sort of shows we intend to be playing more so throughout 2014, and hopefully you’ll be seeing us on a tour or two!

CD: What album influenced your band the most over the past year?

FATWR: Chris would probably say anything that Ke$ha has released, but between us it’s an Even Stevens between The Wonder Years’ “The Greatest Generation”, The Story So Far’s “What You Don’t See” and Such Gold’s “Misadventures” (yeah, we know it was released in 2012, we cheated.)

Thanks guys, there are still four spaces left for the next round of the competition. The next heat is Saturday 23rd September at The Scene, Lincoln featuring: Blood Drive, Borders, Striped Sight and Universal Law. You can find out more info here

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