Height’s Alex Monty played his first show as vocalist at Crash Doubt Fest 2. We caught up with him before their headline set last month.

December 8, 2013


Height’s Alex Monty played his first show as vocalist at Crash Doubt Fest 2. We caught up with him before their headline set last month.

Heights literally tore up the Engine Shed, on the 29th. Before the show we caught up with lead vocalist Alex Monty and guitarist Dean Richardson.

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Crash Doubt: You’ve been to Lincoln before for Crash Doubt Fest last year, what made you come back again?

Alex: Because it’s a fun place to play (laughs). Lincoln was my first place that I played as a vocalist and it was a fun show so when we got asked to play again we said yes straight away.


CD: How does it compare to playing bigger cities like Manchester or London?

Dean: It’s obviously a bit different because when you play the bigger cities you can always rely on a certain type of crowd coming out. Lincolns always one of those places you go where you think ‘I don’t know if that’s going to be any good’ then after you play the show your like ‘That was actually sick!’ It’s definitely one of those dark horse places.


CD: What can people expect at the show?

Dean: Us to play songs (laughs). We did a headline tour in October and we got a new set together for that tour, so we’re basically carrying over from that. It’s a mix of everything we’ve released basically. It’s a shame because we’re on the cusp of playing new stuff but it’s literally days too soon.


CD: How is the new material coming along?

Dean: We’ve been writing for the last two or three months now and solidly writing for the last couple of weeks and we’re going to the studio next week. We’re not doing like an album, we’re doing like a couple of songs and we don’t really know what we’re doing next year release wise.

Alex: We’ve tended to have things not always in our control and ten to rush things out. I guess two albums in we wanna take a bit more time in how they come out and then they’ll be an album later next year.


CD: You’re off to Europe next week, How is it playing in Europe?

Alex: It’s a very German heavy tour. We’ve got seven shows in Germany, one in Switzerland and three Belgium shows I think. Europe’s always a laugh and I’ve never been around during Christmas so I’m looking forward to checking out the Christmas markets.


CD: Are you taking a break during Christmas?

Dean: It’s been the busiest we’ve ever been around xmas time and we don’t get back until the 22nd and then there isn’t much to do until January.


CD: What are your plans for 2014?

Alex:  We haven’t got tonnes lined up yet, we’ve got a few festivals, couple that have been announced, some that haven’t. Then we’re playing with Your Demise during their last shows and that’s gonna be great.

Dean: We wanna get these songs wrapped up, work out how their coming out and work our way around that. I thin we’ll have stuff out at the start of next year.

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