An Idiot’s Guide to Promoting Your Band on the Internet – Part 2

January 25, 2014


An Idiot’s Guide to Promoting Your Band on the Internet – Part 2

Ok, so you’ve mastered the basics. You’ve got some quality recordings; you’re well practiced and itching to play some shows. You’ve been spamming the shit out of Facebook and e-mailing every venue you can find but you still can’t seem to get any shows, what’s going on? The second part of this guide will give you some ideas on how to start filling up that calendar.crash doubt

The first point to remember and it’s an important one, is that you shouldn’t be playing shows until there is a demand for it. Sure you’re loyal friends and family will pack out your first show, maybe you’re second but their support will wane unless of course you really smash it live. The same goes for already established bands, they often make the mistake of touring too much and as such the demand for them to play goes down. But how do you create a demand in the first place? There are some really simple changes you can make to the way that you are promoting yourself and the way that you engage with music as a whole.

It’s not easy to build bridges with out-of-town promoters but a lot of it just comes down to participating more. You love music, right? So get in the car or hop a train! Travel to shows outside of your city, speak to musicians and promoters and just make some friends! You’ll find that some of the most successful bands are full of people who actively participate in their local and national music scenes. They go to shows, buy records, offer touring bands a floor to sleep on, write blogs, take photos, make friends and get more gigs!

Trust us when we say that we are much, much more likely to give a support slot to a band that comes to one of our shows and speaks to us rather than to a band that sends us a badly written Facebook message telling us how they’ll play for petrol money and their drummer used to roadie for Motorhead.

It doesn’t have to be a face to face meeting either; there are plenty of internet forums and e-zines where you can get in touch with like-minded people who put on shows. Take UK Punks and Punktastic, for example. Where bands connect with each other, share music, organise gig swaps and trade advice!

You should never just spam these places with self-promotion though. Listen to people, get to know them, engage in conversations and maybe share some of their bands music with your friends. Sure it takes time and it involves taking your head out of your ass for maybe an hour an evening but in the long run it will serve you much better than just shouting “LISTEN TO MY BAND!”

If you can build bridges in this way then not only will you improve your chances of getting shows but they might be full to the rafters with talented people, with big hearts that you can call friends.

Click here to read part one of our guide to promoting your band on the internet and if you need any more advice then drop us an e-mail or come to a show and chat.
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