We chat to GY punks – East On Main!

May 26, 2014


We chat to GY punks – East On Main!

Grimsby band East on Main will be supporting Apologies, I Have None on Thursday June 5th. We caught up with Chris ahead of the show


East on main is made up of members of Push the ghost and the Departed? What’s your story and how long have you been playing shows?

Push The Ghost had finished but after a while we still wanted to do something, and all knew each other from being in bands already. We’ve all played in The Departed at some point even if just for one show, so it was kinda easy really.
We didn’t want to do anything new sounding, just play songs like the bands we liked. That’s why we ripped off the Fat Wreck logo i guess, just to say; ‘we’re not doing anything new’.

You released a 7 track EP in March last year, which is available on your bandcamp. You can definitely hear lots of 90’s punk influence as well as more current bands like Iron Chic and Red City Radio. What is it about that sound that you like?

We all grew up listening to Fat Wreck and Epitaph bands and guess that’s a major influence. Loads of those albums still sound good when you listen back. Descendents still sound amazing even though some albums are 30 years old now. I doubt anyone will ever write a better punk song than Bikeage.
With the more current bands like Iron Chic, without wanting to sound cheesy, I love the fact that the shows are really inclusive. Everyone can sing along, have an ace time, and you generally don’t get any dick-heads making people uncomfortable.

What are some of your other influences outside of that genre?

I generally love anything fuzzy and/or poppy. I listen to The Marked Men and Mind Spiders a lot. I can’t wait to hear the new Hard Girls record which is out soon. Cayetana are ace for more chilled out stuff, and they have a new record coming out so I guess that’ll be really good. It’s nearly summer now, so I’ll have Beach Fossils on repeat for the next few months.
As a band I guess stuff like Weezer, Banner Pilot and Alkaline Trio influence us. Really though, most stuff keeps coming back to Fat Wreck, most bands we’re listening to are kinda 90’s punk influenced. It’s hard to get away from that.

What other tours, shows, releases and other plans do you have?

We’re recording a few songs at the beginning June for a new EP. Think it might be a split with Not Tonight And The Headaches. We want to get playing shows more now as we all have more time than we did before, so we’ll get the EP out and get playing.


10155029_607761739313084_5093647911793998642_nEast On Main’s seven track EP is available for on a ‘pay what you want’ basis via their Bandcamp.

You can also check them out on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/eastonmain

East On Main will be joined by Sentiments and Less Deceived supporting Apologies, I have None at The Scene, Lincoln on Thursday 5th June!

Tickets are £5 and available from here: crashdoubt.bigcartel.com

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