‘It’s never dull in ‘ull!’ we chat to Hull punks, Less Deceived!

May 26, 2014


‘It’s never dull in ‘ull!’ we chat to Hull punks, Less Deceived!

We chat to hull punks, Less Deceived ahead of their show with Apologies, I Have None next week


This will be your first show in Lincoln, tell us a little about what we should expect from Less Deceived at the AIHN show?

A while ago we realised that not being in a punk band was painful, so we’ve been playing again for a year or so. We’re four guys hitting a third life crisis and playing mid-tempo punk rock that sounds like a mix of Avail, Alkaline Trio, Iron Chic, Red City Radio etc. It’s pretty much three guys competing to be front man and a weak vegan drummer.


What are some of your influences and how does Less Deceived differ from your previous bands?

We’ve played Lincoln loads of times in previous bands, most of which were playing HC/more aggressive music. LD is more chilled out, more fun and stacked with harmonies. Influences are pretty varied, but include most of the best punk bands of all time – HWM, Against Me, Propagandhi etc. – alongside alcohol, dodgy nightclubs and chip spice.

Hull’s well known for its music exports, but who are some of the current bands that we should be keeping an eye out for?

Being the 2017 City of Culture, FA Cup finalists and the 7th happiest place in the UK, Hull’s obviously stacked with loads of good bands and the scenes picking up again after a quiet few years. We have a brilliant indie/alternative festival on each year called Humber Street Sesh that showcases over 100 local bands in one day. Its not-for-profit, run independently and last year got 40,000 people attending.  We also have Hull Noise Collective consistently putting on awesome DIY shows, often in practice rooms for donations of the door. There aren’t many bands playing our kind of stuff at the minute, but if you’re into heavier stuff, awesome things to check out include Battalions, The Colourline and Liberatae Mae.

What plans do Less Deceived have for the future?

We have a modest ambition to become rich and famous. In all seriousness, we just want to play out of town more. We’ve just got our demo’s back and have sorted some merch out. We’ve written an album and will be recording some tracks over the next few months. Hopefully there’s lots more gigs to play, we just want more LDNO’s (Less Deceived Nights Out).

Less Deceived will join East On Main and Sentiments supporting Apologies, I Have None at The Scene, Lincoln on Thursday 5th June. Tickets cost £5 and can be purchased here: www.crashdoubt.bigcartel.com

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