We chat to Sentiments – a new project from members of The Living Daylights

June 3, 2014


We chat to Sentiments – a new project from members of The Living Daylights

We had a chat to Sentiments ahead of their debut show supporting Apologies, I Have None at The Scene this Thursday



First of all, can you introduce yourselves?

Hello! We’re Blakey, Daniel, Gareth and Matthew and we all play a part in Sentiments!

What should people attending the AIHN show expect from Sentiments?

We’re hoping for human pyramids but it’s our first ever show so we expect folded arms and a bit of foot tapping! As for the audience…it’s something a little different to the bands we’ve performed in previously!

You’ve all played in bands before or played shows together? Can you tell us a little bit about your backgrounds in music?

Yeah plenty of bands, Blakey does his own solo folky stuff and also plays in guitar in a band called The Finest hour from Cleethorpes, and also fancies himself as a bit of drummist from time to time! Daniel used to play the drums for local band MCD as well as main achievement – The Living Daylights. Gareth plays in about 50,000 bands, most recently hardcore band Without Fire, covers band The Minesweepers and occasionally gets his wig on, dresses up as Jessie J and plays some pop music with Nxt-G3N. Matt plays in The Living Daylights and previously played in Without Fire and MCD (with Gareth as well) and did some “vocals” in death metal band, Dead Girls Never Struggle. So as you can see, we’re doing the typical Lincolnshire thing and keeping it very incestuous.

Obviously, punk rock is a big influence in your music but what are some of your other influences?

All sorts, anything from Bruce Springsteen to Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band really!

What plans do you have after this show? Will you be recording an EP, touring, etc?

We’re gonna write a couple more songs and actually get together a full set.  Also do some more shows, we’re gagging to get back to Belgium to sup a few of those little half pint Jupiler’s, they down so smooth! We are gonna record an EP soon too!

Thanks Sentiments, a few tickets are still available for the show from our bigcartel store and there will be some saved on the door on the night!

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