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An Evening With Hours

August 10, 2014


An Evening With Hours

I’ve come to the Norwich Waterfront today, not to attend some trendy club night, or anything like that, but to come and see a promising new band, Hours. Hours released their debut single last year, and have just delivered the follow up, but even with a lack of material there seems to be a buzz about them, especially here tonight. Now, that could well be that the show is a hometown do for Hours, but equally it could be that there really is something about this band. I grabbed a brief chat with the guys before hand:

Crash Doubt: So you’ve been on tour with Neon Sarcastic and The Inside Is Live – how’s the tour been so far?

Hours: Really cool! The other two bands are super nice guys, and two of the finest bands around. We’re also noticing a lot of new fans from these shows, which is great, and we’re very socially active, so we get involved with the fans on social media. I’d say that the energy we bring to the stage also helps people connect with us.

CD: Ace. You’ve been on the road supporting your latest single ‘Crossfire’, and how has the feedback to that been?

H: It’s been really good. I’d like to think that we’ve got quite a mixed bag with that sound. When we first wrote the song, we knew that it was definitely gonna be our next single. It’s the first song that we collectively wrote, and I think that b rings out a more natural sound about what the band is about.

CD: Alright then, so now that you’ve got two singles out, what’s the plan moving forward?

H: We’re looking at writing a 6/7 track record which should be out early next year, released through our management and our PR. And then we’ll be touring around that, trying to make as many new fans as possible whilst out in different places.

CD: Earlier you mentioned that you bring a lot of energy tot he stage – would you say that you’re a lot more ‘in your face’ live than on record?

H: Definitely, I think that we certainly bring out a different kind of energy live, and it’s because we’re all really passionate about our music. It’s literally all we’ve been doing for the last year, writing and recording this music, and I think that in our live performances it really shows. It’s more upfront live, but it’s not intimidating, there’s a lot of interaction getting people jumping up and down and singing along. We’ve found that a lot of the time some bands forget that the fans are even there when they play live, and we really don’t do that, because without the fans we would not be up there.

CD: Have you started writing for your next release then? And if so, who are some bands that have influenced you?

H: Yeah we have, there’s a couple of demo’s floating about, and it’s a similar process to when we were writing the first few songs where we all have ideas that we bring into the practice room that we sort out. It’s exciting too, because this is an opportunity for us to show our diversity. I’m going to say that Deaf Havana and Mallory Knox have influenced us because we can see that hard work does pay off. we’ve watched them play at the same small venues as we are now, and now we see where they are – it’s an inspiration. We’ve played with them before in previous bands in tiny little venues like The Ferryboat or The Marquee (Norwich). We do listen to everything as well though, in the van we like to mix it up.


They definitely talk the talk, but now it’s time to see if they can deliver on their words.

Well? Can they deliver? In short – yes. Tonight Hours are headliners, and they’ve brought all their hometown mates down to the show to welcome them as headliners. They have all the right moves, with bassist Rob leaping around the cramped stage, and Kieren and Ashley , the guitarists, pacing back and forth continuously, as if the music is moving them. The real star of the show though is frontman Ian, who holds great command over the crowd throughout the bands 30 minute set. It helps that the crowd are on their side, but if anything this adds to the bands performance, with one member of the crowd demanding that Ian do a stage dive.

The set is solid and professional, not in an overly polished way, but rather that the band know what they’re doing, as you’d expect from a band that have spend the last year on the road. The songs are on the most part catchy, whilst remaining interesting. Crowd interaction is key to some of these songs, but with most of the crowd being made up of friends of the band, the crowd participation still happens.

The one thing that Hours needs now is songs. They currently have two singles out, and although it’s clear from tonight’s set that they have more good tunes, they need to have them released. The Waterfront Studio tonight is far from sold out, perhaps just over half full, but once Hours have an EP or album released, then there will be more people, perhaps even enough to fill the room. There is great potential with the Norwich based crew, and as they blast through their final song it’s clear that this band have all the items needed to play bigger rooms, sell records, etc., it’s just a question of if they can make it.


You can check out Hour’s latest single ‘Crossfire’ here.

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