September 27, 2014



Introducing to you all here we have Arizona, an Essex based post-hardcore quintet who look set to make waves with their forthcoming debut EP ‘The Hunter. The Gatherer.’, which shall be released on October 20th.

You may have already heard of the band, as they received large praise from BBC Introducing in Essex, who went on to showcase the bands two debut singles. Since then, then post-hardcore crew have gone on to support the likes of Fathoms, Napoleon and I killed The Prom Queen to name but a few.

So you’ve now read all this hype about the Essex bruisers, but do they live up to the talk? Well you can judge for yourself by listening to their lead single ‘Black Hart’ below.


Arizona The Hunter The Gatherer










‘The Hunter, The Gatherer’ Tracklisting

1) Black Heart

2) The Hunted

3) The Gathering

4) Preacher

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