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REVIEW: Climates – Body Clocks

October 12, 2014


REVIEW: Climates – Body Clocks

Climates‘ new album, ‘Body Clocks’, sees the Lincoln based band attempt to expand on their early melodic-hardcore sound, incorporating sounds from all genres of metal and rock, as well as including orchestral elements into some tunes. If you’re bored of the standard metalcore affair that has become norm of the past few years, then this is a refreshing release, and it is exciting to see a band making such leaps on their debut record.

The album comes out of the gates firing on all cylinders with ‘Leaves Of Legacy’, showcasing the quintet’s knack for penning a catchy tune, as well as showcasing the technical ability that the band possesses, before tearing in to latest single ‘Heaven (Is Only In My Head)’. Again, this is a monolithic tune that contains a massive shout along chorus, without turning in a pop chorus. The song ends with a section showcasing the dynamic song writing ability of the band, by completely stripping down to a guitar and Wes Thompson’s extremely versatile vocals. ‘Serpents From The Shadowland’ follows in similar style, featuring more hooks than you’d find in an industrial sized tackle box.

‘In The Heart Of Man’ then arrives to throw one hell of a curveball into the mix, featuring only clean vocals. This may sound as if the crew have gone soft, but instead it carries as much emotional weight as any other song on the album, and is a pleasant change to prevent the release from being a tad one-dimensional, which is an ever present trap within metalcore. Similar to  ‘In The Heart Of Man’ is ‘Sundown’, a short instrumental track, which acts as an intro to ‘Whole Hearted’. ‘Sundown’ showcases Climates’ incorporation of atmospheric orchestral elements into their music with good effect, however if the piece was longer they may have been able to expand on this more, and been able to explore different ideas of orchestration. Later on the record, the ending to ‘The Bigger Picture’ subtly adds orchestration, in an effective method to increase the texture, but not pull focus from the rest of the music,

The ace up Climates’ collective sleeve that really sets them apart from other bands of the genre, is most definitely the brilliant Wes Thompson, who always sounds authentic no matter what he’s doing, be it screaming, shouting, or signing. Whilst his screamed vocals are comparable to Landscapes, the clean vocals on the record are comparable Alexisonfire‘s Dallas Green (that’s Alexisonfire, not City And Colour). This variance and range really conveys the power and emotion in the voice here, and is fantastically backed up by the music throughout , which is never less the great.

This is not to say that the album is flawless by any means. The songs can run in to each other if you are not paying attention, and the female vocals on ‘Worlds Away’ could’ve been implemented to greater effect, however this is a fantastic effort for a first album. It’s clear that there are big things in store for Climates in the near and distant future if they play their cards (and songs) right, and that if they get the right tours, a lot of people could be on Climates side very soon.


Listen To: ‘Leaves Of Legacy’, ‘In The Heart Of Man’, ‘Serpents From The Shadowland’

For Fans Of: More Than Life, Alexisonfire, Landscapes


‘Body Clocks’ is released on October 13th through Small Town Records – you can purchase it on CD here, and on vinyl here. Climates will also be going on a headline tour this month – check out the dates below.

Climates October UK headline tour (with Acres)

11th  – Glasgow – Garage Attic

12th – Manchester – Satans Hollow

14th- Wolverhampton – Slade Rooms

15th – London – Islington 02 Academy 2

16th – Bristol – Exchange

18th – Tunbridge Wells – The Forum

19th – Brighton – The Hope

21st – Sheffield – The Corporation

22nd – Cardiff – Undertone

23rd – Plymouth – Tiki Bar

24th – Bournemouth – Anvil

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