Introducing: FEXET

November 7, 2014


Introducing: FEXET

Based in the Netherlands, Fexet have quite an interesting story to tell. As we all know, Fat Mike of NOFX was the most hated man on the internet yesterday, and the guy seems to get himself in the news every couple of years for acting like a wally. Remember that Cokie the clown incident?

Well back in 2010, NOFX played at Lowlands Festival and Fat Mike decided to give a bit of stick to one of the younger chaps in the crowd. The kid took it on the chin though and went on to form his own band, FEXET, who actually ended up supporting NOFX – 2 years later in Amsterdam.


It gets cooler than that, FEXET signed to KUNG-FU-RECORDS for their latest release Fexet Presents: The Airport Guys (released on 23rd October) and it was mixed by Bill Stevenson of Descendents fame!

Anyway, a cool story only gets you so far and the proof is in the pudding. Check out their awesome video for ‘Way Back Home’ below.

Like what you hear? You can purchase The Airport Guys here.

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