Review: Creeper – S/T

November 3, 2014


Review: Creeper – S/T

Southampton’s newest punk recruits Creeper have been making big waves with their self-titled EP not only in their hometown but around the country. The band consisting of members from past projects such as Our Time Down Here, Hang The Bastard, Doomed From Day One and The Afterparty are offering a refreshing take on what fast paced punk music can be by taking it outside of the standard model and adding in some new flavours.

We Had A Pact is the first track from the EP offering soft vocals whilst still maintaining the melodic thrashy punk riffs associated to the genre. This track sets the stage for the rest of the EP by introducing the band’s catchy vocal melodies which can be heard throughout the whole record especially in tracks such as VCR & Gloom. The whole release is teeming with proficiency, Gloom lends itself as a great live track that could easily pull the crowd in and have them singing along to the gang vocals, all in all creating a great live experience for fans.


Into The Black engages you instantly with a heavy guitar riff that transcends into a fast paced drum beat which again is very characteristic of traditional punk music except again the vocals are light and clear enough for you to know what’s happening in the mix. As the track fades out we come to the last part of the EP, Novena, a semi acoustic track that bring the EP to close by slowly building the momentum up until the final moments where the track explodes and concludes in beautiful convergence of instruments and shouted vocals.


The whole EP is balanced well, the drums, guitars, vocals and bass all sit well within the mix. Creeper are no doubt very accessible for fans of other genres due to the light vocals and punchy guitar riffs which take influence from their past music. It’s hard to really put into words how much I enjoy this band but let me try, if I could only take 3 records with me to a deserted island these guys would be on that list even if it is a 5 track EP.

A vinyl release of Creeper’s S/T EP is available for pre-order from Palm Reader records here.


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