Thought piece: Queens of Rock, or how the music industry fails to recognise hard work

March 4, 2015


Thought piece: Queens of Rock, or how the music industry fails to recognise hard work

This is an incredibly difficult subject to tackle not because I’m scared of offending anyone but because it delves deep into the human psyche and our social constructs. You can travel back to the beginning of music and see that it has always been male dominated, a true crime. Imagine how many beautiful songs we have missed out on due to the fact that women have been alienated from the music industry. Music is something that comes naturally to all of us, when I say us I of course mean the human race, everyone enjoys it, and everyone has their favourite song, album or artist. People can share these feelings with one another. Music is connective, music is emotional and most of all music is us.

Recently a social media storm raged when an image of the Reading & Leeds line-up was posted on Twitter. This particular image showed only the female-fronted bands that had been chosen to play the festival and it was bare, 9 bands in total. It was outrage, people were blaming the festival organisers forgetting that they are only able to book bands who fit the bill. This is the rock scene, heavily male dominated and I did wonder why female artists are so misrepresented in this industry. You look at pop music and there are plenty of female artists, singer-songwriters are in the thousands, you look at country music and again they exist, blues? Yep, jazz? Yep they are there and among some of the top grossing artists. Then why is it that the rock industry just seems to skim over female-fronted or all-female bands? The rock scene is full of sexism, ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll’ what a load of shit if you ask me. I’d rather everyone is given the opportunity to show us what they can create. Music shouldn’t be about how many half-naked girls you can get in your music video for plays, looking at you DB. So yeah after this short rant I want you guys to check out some of my favourite female artists in the rock scene because god knows FRONT isn’t going to give it to you.




Deap Vally




Alabama Shakes



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