REVIEW: Isaac – Burner

March 18, 2015


REVIEW: Isaac – Burner


This Shankland dude who fronts Nottingham sweethearts, Isaac, has been bussing around the country playing his acoustic guitar for a while now. He has a big voice, unique in the way it makes you look up from your beer and take note of what the well-dressed fella at the front is singing about. He crafts well versed songs of love and sadness, living in Middle England, and a heart on sleeve combination of the 3. Now you can hear those songs full-bodied and crackling with energy.

Isaacs new record ‘Burner’ has delivered a much needed dose of simple, nostalgic pop-punk. It moves along with a spring in its step, bringing to life the words with an under-produced simplicity, something that a lot of bands these days overlook. Each song makes you feel like you are listening to one of the ‘Mailorder Is Punk’ compilations you used to play whilst drinking White Lightning and trying to dye your hair green. An honest sound that knows its place in this crazy little scene of ours. It helps that Shankland’s voice fills each song with soul and sincerity.

Standout out moments come aplenty, they really do. That tired old cliché ‘all killer, no filler’ is a horrendous things for normal adults to say out loud, but it has its place here. Its half hour or so is over way too soon and its melodic simplicity helps keep it on repeat. But, in the track ‘Weeder’ they have a true stand out, a real magical little love song that is a delight to hear. Shankland sings;” Oh my god, I guess I’m stuck with you forever”, and in the context of listening to ‘Burner’, it’s a statement I can fully get behind.

Have a listen to their new album here.

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