Why you need to be at the Tellison, Bad Ideas and Maycomb show tonight at Liquor, Lincoln…

June 5, 2015


Why you need to be at the Tellison, Bad Ideas and Maycomb show tonight at Liquor, Lincoln…

Tellison, Bad Ideas and Maycomb are to perform tonight at Liquor in Lincoln as part of their string of dates in Cambridge, Derby and Oxford.

It’s not too late to purchase tickets, which you can do so here:




This indie rock four-piece are a must-see. They write imperfect songs about hope, loss, love and literature. The band translate their tracks live to fantastic degree; to say it’s impressive would be an understatement. Lead single ‘Say Silence’ from their sophomore album, ‘The Wages of Fear’, somehow managed to reference Shakespeare, Jacques Lacan, Bill Murray, Wes Anderson, John Donne and Tarantino in the same breath – not a huge number of people noticed. Undaunted with the release of first single ‘Tact is Dead’ earlier this year in March thanks to Alcopop Records, Tellison are currently gearing up to release album number three, dusting off their guitars and referencing conventions and stepping up to take another swing at, if not the big time, at least the medium time.



Bad Ideas

Fresh out of Groezrock, Bad Ideas are down to boogie. Our hometown’s punk and alternative four-piece have been rehearsing their new album in the studio rigourously, so expect to hear exclusive first performances of brand new material. Their latest EP, ‘The Better Parts of You’, has been out for the best part of a year under Uncle M Music, receiving critical acclaim, notably from Already Heard, who said ‘the quality of songwriting is strong and all four songs have a sense of accessibility… their blend of rock, punk, indie and folk elements proves to be effective, and adds their promising sound.’ Thanks to Ian Perry at Aaahh!!! Real Records, this tour will see ‘The Better Parts Of You’ available to purchase physically.




Moody pop-punk quartet from Wolverhampton and touring an incredibly catchy EP, ‘Little Ease’, out now through Wolf Town DIY and Struggletown Records. Standout track ‘Hell’ will get you in the mood and enjoying the evening’s proceedings. Having previously supported The Early November, Maycomb mean serious business and will very much deliver a fantastic selection of earworm songs.


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