Five reasons why UK Tech-Metal Fest will kick major ass!

July 3, 2015


Five reasons why UK Tech-Metal Fest will kick major ass!


So, UK Tech-Metal Festival (or Tech-Fest for short) will be upon us very soon – only nine days away now! Our metal man, Jake Berry, will be heading down so we got him to tell us, and you in turn, five reasons why it’ll be awesome!

1. The headliners

An obvious place to start perhaps, but seriously, just look at them for a minute. Heart Of A Coward headlining Saturday, Hacktivist on the early-bird Thursday and Betraying The Martyrs topping the bill on Friday. The festival will host its first co-headlined day on Sunday with both Decapitated and Monuments playing full headlining sets, one after the other. If tech-metal is your bag, you won’t find a festival this year with better headliners. If the thought of a hanger full of people going mad to the beatdown of “suffer… bitch!” in Heart Of A Coward’s ‘Shade’, then there’s something a little unhinged about you in all fairness!


2. It’s not just about the top end of the bill…

Whilst many festivals splash out on big headliners, Tech-Fest believes variety is the spice of life. It packs in an impressive line-up every year, 2015’s bill including Irish groovy tech lords Shattered Skies, Tech-Fest favorites Nexilva, mental mathcore crew Rolo Tomassi and Kiwi wizards Heavy Metal Ninjas. The festival doesn’t want to see any talent go to waste, so they’ve made sure there are no clashes between bands on the main stage and the second stage. This means that if you haven’t passed out in your tent by 3pm because of the copious amount of alcohol consumed, you can check out every single band on the bill.


3. Local talent

Tech-Fest took place in Alton in its first year and Peterborough in its second. It seems to have now found its permanent home at the Newark Showground, returning after an extremely successful turn of events last year. If your geography isn’t very good, we will do some explaining for you here. We are based in Lincoln and Newark is only about an hour down the road from us (see map below if you still don’t understand the scenario). Because of this, we are so happy to see some local bands hitting up this more than stellar line-up! Lincoln boys Borders are to play the Hands On Printing second stage on Sunday, Boston nu-metal (ish) crew Anti-Clone will be headlining the Friday after party on the Double Slit Guitars stage and Lincoln deathcore bruisers Martyr Defiled will be headlining the Hands On Printing second stage on Saturday night. Party on Garth.




4. The price

Festivals these days are far too expensive – fact. Paying upwards of £200 to see some bands play in a field is a daylight robbery, no matter how good it is, which is why Tech-Fest’s £80 price point is so damn appealing for four days of awesome bands. One of the best bits about this price is that the £80 ticket also includes camping until the Monday morning. Who says you can’t grab a bargain anymore? With all the money you’ve saved with such a cheap ticket, you can afford to spend a little extra on even more booze (or sun cream, which based on the weather last year would be much more sensible) – just don’t pass out at your tent at 3pm, as previously mentioned (and kind of shown here by James Monteith of Tesseract).


5. The vibe

It’s a horrible cliché to say, but the vibe shows everyone there is one big family, with no bullshit or drama, just good times and love for all – like Woodstock with eight string guitars and sub-drops. Everyone on-site is there because they love the music. When off duty, you’ll see the security team in the crowd getting down and dirty with the rest of us! Event Organiser Simon Garrod can often be seen chilling out at the back enjoying the bands throughout the day. As soon as you step foot on site, it’s as if everyone is your mate who you haven’t seen in a year (which isn’t far from the truth). Trust us, you’re going to catch up with everyone and watch killer band after killer band bring havoc to Newark Showground!

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