May 4, 2018



When No Fun At All came onto the scene I was still crying myself to sleep over acne, playing kiss chase and stealing cigarettes from my mum for bigger boys on the estate. I thought I was earning cool points, seems I was just preventing a black eye or two. Music was still being listened to on cassette and the Spin Doctors were my go too karaoke number. Pearl Jam were still cool and Smash Hits was purchased weekly because I hadn’t discovered Kerrang yet. Times were innocent back then. Oh to be 30 again.

I joke, of course. This was the mid 90s, a time in the history of modern punk rock that doesn’t need me to explain the importance of its cultural impact on modern music. All your favourite bands released all your favourite records during this time and made us the people we have grown into today. Ya know, bearded, craft beer drinking vegans and such like. Evolution.

‘Grit’ sees No Fun At All recapturing those times with a sound that is at once their own yet emulates a whole host of other bands from that era, and beyond. Their melodic skate punk has matured with age as the musicians involved have, yet it retains its fun and life affirming buzzsaw delivery. Those vocals have always stood out, the Swedish accent is as strong as ever and it gives No Fun At All the edge in a scene of identikit bands. It’s nostalgia, but not as we know it.

This is the first new material in nearly 10 years and it is a fun ride, the addition of two new members seems to have given the band a slight edge, a renewed sense of urgency. You’ll never find yourself sat in the dark crying onto the lyrics but you will find yourself singing along on the last bus home after a few beers and a kebab (vegan, obvs), and none of the tracks touch the heady heights of ‘Should Have Known’, ‘Beat Em Down’ or ‘Lose Another Friend’, but if ya the wrong side of 40 and prone to a cider or two, this album will be your new best friend.

Kev Fenton

‘Grit’ is out now and available on CD, Digital and Vinyl through Bird Attack Records.

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