May 1, 2018



‘Take Me Back to the Light’ is the second EP from Bristol-based emo quartet, Pushing Daisies. This release sees the band begin a fresh new chapter as they put their line-up changes and previous release (2016’s ‘Stay Rad’) behind them, and focus on producing a rounded, reflective and well-thought-out record. Pushing Daisies have poured a huge amount of themselves into Take Me Back to the Light and it shows.

The EP begins with opening track ‘Fears’ and it’s a perfect statement of intent. Slightly dissonant and supple guitar riffs accompany the best chorus of the EP as vocalist Bert Martinez-Cowles explores familiar themes of darkness, disbelief and introspection. Lines such as “I’m standing in the dark left with the guilt of what you chose,” show a man who’s open with his struggles.

As ‘Bleed’ begins, a melodic and Brand New-esque riff reflects the positivity that permeates the record. For a pretty dark emo band, that may strike as odd. However, as the EP’s title suggests, there is hope and future in these tracks. Bleed also showcases one of the band’s greatest strengths – drummer, Tom Ruff. Accompanied by soloing from guitarist James Pope, the song closes with one of the band’s most ambitious musical moments; really starting to push the boundaries of how dynamic Pushing Daisies can sound. It makes a welcome change from the more comfortable formula that can be found elsewhere in the EP.

Lead single ‘Picture Frame’ and the following track ‘Crickets’ see the band develop again into their heaviest form. ‘Crickets’ almost goes into a full-on breakdown in its bridge section, and the screamed vocals again reflect a band being brash with what they can create.

The EP is closed by ‘Luxury’. Just released as a single, the song is accompanied by an eerie music video that shows the band playing; totally absorbed by blackness. It’s this idea that Pushing Daisies are trying to move on from – out of the dark and into the light. This release will hopefully do this for them as Pushing Daisies will surely find themselves some deserved exposure after the release of this powerful EP.

Killer track: ‘Fears’

For fans of: Citizen, Pity Sex, Mayday Parade, Creeper.

Written by: Dael Brookes

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