June 29, 2018



You’re playing at Badlands Festival this year – are you excited?

Absolutely, it’s our first time playing Lincoln and it’s a hometown show for our drummer, Nate. Crazy Arm were a big part of the soundtrack to my uni years and Nate loves The Human Project so we’re really looking forward to playing alongside them both.

What’s your ‘elevator pitch’ for Miss Vincent? How would you sum up your music in one sentence?

We play big, catchy punk rock songs with a dark edge and some 50’s rock ‘n’ roll vibes.

You’re touring with the mighty Creeper this August. Is this somewhat of a milestone for your band? How excited are you to play those shows?

I think it can be difficult to see something as a milestone at the time it’s happening, in retrospect it’s always easier to pin point a pivotal moment. We’ve been talking with them about playing some shows together for a while now so it’s great that we’ve got them to look forward to. Two out of three shows are already sold out and I think the last one probably will be as well by the time anyone reads this. It’s no secret that we love Creeper and they’re great people so it’s definitely going to be a lot of fun and a highlight of our summer.

There is a huge variety of punk rock in the UK and Badlands Festival features a mix of everything from crust and d-beat, through to skate punk and more melodic-indie driven punk. Which UK bands have caught your eye lately that are pushing the boundaries of what punk rock can be?

It’s hard to know where the boundaries are when there are so many bands all under the umbrella of punk that sound so vastly different. Some great bands that we love are Harker, Screech Bats, Death By Shotgun and Cold Years.

What will you be listening to in the van on the drive up to Lincoln?

Alkaline Trio just released their ‘Past Live’ albums so we’ll probably be listening to one or six of those. Aside from the usuals like Trio, Bayside and The Ramones it could be anything from Johnny Cash to Paul Anka, John Mayer or Chuck Berry.

Tickets for Badlands Festival are on sale now. Early-bird tickets have entirely sold-out but there are a handful of advance tickets still up for grabs. Get yours here:

Saturday 18th June at The Jolly Brewer and The Alleykat Club, Lincoln. Featuring Crazy Arm, The Human Project, Ghouls, Miss Vincent, Wolfbeast Destroyer, Northern Captives, Guts, Cool Jerks, Three Day Millionaires, Wisecrack, Nieviem and many more still to be announced.

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