July 15, 2018



You’re playing at Badlands Festival this year – are you excited?

We’re all buzzing to be playing Badlands Festival. It’s good to be a part of something where there will be a lot of like minded people in one place. Everybody there will be sharing a common ground in their love of punk rock. Not only that, we get to watch a lot of cool, new bands.

What’s your ‘elevator pitch’ for Lovebites? How would you sum up your music in one sentence?

Tough question. I personally think Lovebites is very British sounding. Jack our singer sounds English when he sings & our guitar tones lend themselves to bands of yesteryear like The Who, but we also have a kind sprinkle of Americana on top, especially through Daves lead guitar parts. Imagine, The Ordinary Boys, meets The Replacements.

Stylistically Lovebites is a little different to some of your previous projects (SHARKS, Foes and Octane OK) was that a deliberate choice or just how the songs turned out?

Marcus was only a fill in drummer for Octane OK, hence the complete difference in the sound of the two bands. But Tandy the singer of Octane, we record with him and he mixed & mastered the EP for us. I think the complete sound difference is simply because the singers / songwriters from those bands aren’t involved with lovebites. Similar influences for sure with sharks but the bands themselves are quite different.

There is a huge variety of punk rock in the UK and Badlands Festival features a mix of everything from crust and d-beat, through to skate punk and more melodic-indie driven punk. Which UK bands have caught your eye lately that are pushing the boundaries of what punk rock can be?

I don’t know if there’s any punk rock bands pushing the boundaries as such, none that i’ve seen or heard anyway. I’m pretty out of the loop with new bands, but we have some friends from the west midlands who play in good bands like Mixtape Saints & High Knucks. Mixtape Saints have been on the gigging circuit for quite a while & they’re similar to The Menzingers & then High Knucks are more like 80s Matchbox or The Cramps.

You have a new EP ‘Social Hell’ out later this month. Can you tell us a little about how it came together?

When we started in March 2017, as soon as we completed a song, we’d get into our practise space & record it. This lead to us releasing a few singles / stand alone songs, digitally. But we all share a love for holding physical copies of records and listening to an EP or album from start to finish, so once Dave joined the band in the winter of 2017, we made a conscious decision to get a few songs together that are all different but sit together perfectly. The first song that we wrote for the EP was ‘Just Fall’, which is track 3 on the EP, we then wrote ‘Social Hell’ at Jacks parents house, then ‘Duppy’ & the opening track ‘Tick Along’ followed. There’s so many options for bands these days, it’s easy to release your music, but at the same time, theres thousands of bands, so you just have to make sure that you create something organic, that you all enjoy & i believe that, if it’s not forced, then it’ll cut through everything else naturally & that’s pretty much our ethos with everything that we do.

What else do you have planned in 2018?

Our EP comes out through our own label that we started up called Sabbath City Records. Then we’re just trying to play as many shows as possible & to keep writing & having fun.

Tickets for Badlands Festival are on sale now. Early-bird tickets have entirely sold-out but there are a handful of advance tickets still up for grabs. Get yours here:

Saturday 18th June at The Jolly Brewer and The Alleykat Club, Lincoln. Featuring Crazy Arm, The Human Project, Ghouls, Miss Vincent, Wolfbeast Destroyer, Northern Captives, Guts, Cool Jerks, Three Day Millionaires, Wisecrack, Nieviem and many more still to be announced.

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