July 17, 2018



Hi, We are Nieviem,

Where are you all from?
Bart: Me and Kuba – bassist are from Poland, our vocalist Hope and new drummer Will are from UK

Are you excited to play Badlands Festival? Who are you most looking forward to watching?

Bart: Oh yeah, of course we are, we’re excited about any gig (haha) so it’s a real pleasure to play along such a good bands. Definitely I’m looking forward seeing The Human Project. Obviously one of my favourite local bands Wolfbeast Destroyer. I haven’t heard about Ghouls, but it seems to be quite interesting band, also Three Day Millionaires. That’s my top four.

Hope: I’m excited for both the festival and to check out all the talent there! Sometimes I like to listen to the other band’s music before an event but then again there’s always something in the surprise of seeing a band live that you’ve never listened to before… I’m looking forward to anything that can get my off my feet and put on a good show.

Will: Hell yes, I cant decide, but I’ve heard great things about all of them.

What else do you have planned in 2018?
Bart: We are playing at Equinox Festival this year again, so we look forward to it. We’ve recorded few new songs not long ago too, so we are going to release them soon. We have a new drummer Will as our previous one is moving back to Poland. I think we will focus on practising with Will as much as we can and writing some new songs.

Hope: The weekend after Badlands, we’re going to be in Spalding for an all dayer, [26th August,] then Boston at The Shop Tavern at the beginning of September, [1st,] and now I’ll say it, EQUINOX festival! I’m actually looking more forward to this than when I went to Download this year, so I highly recommend. I’m sure there’s be extra gigs to come to fill up the rest of our 2018, and I might even put on my own event in Lincoln again, only this time just for Punk bands!

Who was the first band you ever saw live?
Bart: Oh god, I wish I could remember it. I used to go to the gigs since I remember, so probably one of local bands. I was growing up in Poland in 90’s, I think it could be polish underground band called Alians. If we are talking about more famous, main stream bands, possibly Sum 41.

Hope: I’ll be honest, this year was my first time seeing a much bigger band, so for that, I’ll say Bullet for My Valentine when I arrived at this year’s Download on the Friday… First band at all though that was at least notable / memorable I think was Tyrants [college band which split up now].

Will: Stone Gods 2008

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?
Bart: I really enjoy local, underground gigs to be fair, but again if we are talking about main stream scene, I would say Slipknot but Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes were awesome too.

Hope: Locally, I would say the BOOM Skatepark gig we did back in March of this year… Not a great turn out after all the snow and whatnot, but we were there with friends and some of my favourite bands on the scene: Dyin’ Flies, Siknotes, Dynamite Dynamite and Skaciety. On a bigger scale, definitely Ozzy Osbourne; that was the right way to end Download for sure.

Will: Download Festival 2018

Which albums have most influenced your band?
Bart: All BigWig, Pennywise and early Rise Against’s albums.

Hope: I’m less influenced by albums more by songs individually, but if I had to pick for my own influences, I bought this album at last year’s Equinox festival by The Sporadics. ‘Fight, Truth, Decay’ definitely has recently influenced the subject matters I’ve incorporated into more recent Nieviem songs.

Will: I think we have influences from all over the place, metal, punk, skate punk, etc.

If you could invite any person from history round to dinner who would it be?
Bart: Kurt Cobain

Will: Matt Tuck of Bullet For My Valentine because he’s an exceptional guitar player and a great vocalist

What was the first CD you bought?
Bart: I’m a dinosaur, we used to buy cassettes (haha). I remember I was massive fan of Guns n’ Roses for a while, when I was around 10 years old, so it could be Appetite for Destruction or one of Use Your Illusion ones.

Hope: Sadly, I think it was a Busted CD… I was only 5 though, so come on!

Will: Waking The Demon, Bullet For My Valentine

What’s a song that you wish you had written for your band?
Bart: All apart my songs hahaha

What’s your favourite lyric?
Bart: Some of you probably know I’m Polish, so English is not my first language. It was always hard to understand deep meaning of English lyrics, so polish ones were always more familiar with me. Probably it doesn’t say anything to anybody but one of my favourite lyrics is Hymn o Miłości by polish band called Guernica Y Luno. It’s quite easy to find translation if anyone is interested.

Talk us through your live equipment – any special pedals, vintage guitars, etc that you could never part with?
Bart: Nothing special. Guitar – ESP LTD EC-401, Boss metal zone and metal core pedals, Orange CrushPro 120 amp and I like sound of Marshall 1960 speaker cab.

Will: My Zildjian cymbals, my Speed Cobra double pedal and my ProMark sticks

If you were going to put on your own festival in Lincoln – who would you book?
Bart: I realise I have to be realistic sooooooo DARKO and BOLSHY………..for a change 😉

Hope: Dyin Flies, Siknotes, Skaciety, Sporadics, Supine Yugen, Not For You – to name a few!

Will: Slipknot, Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium

**Tickets for Badlands Festival are on sale now. Early-bird tickets have entirely sold-out but there are a handful of advance tickets still up for grabs. Get yours here: https://badlandsfestival.bigcartel.com

Saturday 18th June at The Jolly Brewer and The Alleykat Club, Lincoln. Featuring Crazy Arm, The Human Project, Ghouls, Miss Vincent, Wolfbeast Destroyer, Northern Captives, Guts, Cool Jerks, Three Day Millionaires, Wisecrack and Nieviem.

Join the Facebook Event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1043669599115081

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