July 23, 2018



You’re playing at Badlands Festival this year – are you excited?
You betcha. Badlands, you gotta live it everyday. The variety of bands announced for Badlands Fest is alluring. We’re excited to catch up with some old buddies and also watch bands that we don’t normally get to play with or have the opportunity to see.

What’s your ‘elevator pitch’ for Northern Captives? How would you sum up your music in one sentence?
Not sure it will sit comfortably in one box. Someone once said there’s an undercurrent of brit pop below driven emo punk rock which is challenged by wonky guitar work and tones. I think we’d say it’s sonically energetic and lyrically sincere.

Stylistically Northern Captives is a little different to some of your previous projects, was that a deliberate choice or just how the songs turned out?
There’s a constant, Sam introduces lyrics, themes and song concepts. Once it’s felt out & jammed as a collective it can unintentionally change form.

There is a huge variety of punk rock in the UK and Badlands Festival features a mix of everything from crust and d-beat, through to skate punk and more melodic-indie driven punk. Which UK bands have caught your eye lately that are pushing the boundaries of what punk rock can be?

Ducking Punches ’til the end.
WACO for somehow drawing lines between Rancid, African drums and Woodstock.
We love listening to Martha, Dearist & Guillotine too.

What else do you have planned in 2018?
We’ll celebrate the first birthday of the band and our EP ‘NERVOUS ENERGIES’ becoming 1 year old. There’s a few other shows to announce before the years out also!

**Tickets for Badlands Festival are on sale now. Early-bird tickets have entirely sold-out but there are a handful of advance tickets still up for grabs. Get yours here:

Saturday 18th June at The Jolly Brewer and The Alleykat Club, Lincoln. Featuring Crazy Arm, The Human Project, Ghouls, Miss Vincent, Wolfbeast Destroyer, Northern Captives, Guts, Cool Jerks, Three Day Millionaires, Wisecrack and Nieviem.

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