I confess that I originally volunteered to review Torche’s new album Restarter simply because I wanted to hear the thing. It didn’t occur to me at first that I had entered into an agreement to produce some coherent opinions and … Continued

This Shankland dude who fronts Nottingham sweethearts, Isaac, has been bussing around the country playing his acoustic guitar for a while now. He has a big voice, unique in the way it makes you look up from your beer and … Continued

Warrington’s folk-punk masters, Roughneck Riot, have been tirelessly touring the UK and Europe in support of their brand new album, Out Of Anger; fourteen politically charged tracks that scrutinise government policy and address the social state of the UK. It must be said, this is … Continued

Southampton’s newest punk recruits Creeper have been making big waves with their self-titled EP not only in their hometown but around the country. The band consisting of members from past projects such as Our Time Down Here, Hang The Bastard, … Continued

Climates‘ new album, ‘Body Clocks’, sees the Lincoln based band attempt to expand on their early melodic-hardcore sound, incorporating sounds from all genres of metal and rock, as well as including orchestral elements into some tunes. If you’re bored of … Continued